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Weekly Enzyme

How does it work?
In a pool or spa, the enzymes move freely through the water and agglomerate (collect) the It works in a pool or spa, the enzymes move freely through the water and agglomerate (collect) the oils, lotions, or other organic material at the active sites. Once the enzyme encounters the material, it forms an enzyme/substrate complex. Upon completion of the reaction, the products are released, and the enzyme is free to perform the reaction again.

What does this mean to me?
Organic materials such as body oils, hair conditioner, or sunscreen can create a film on the top of the water and cause staining around the water line. Also they can inhibit the chemicals you are currently using from being as effective as they need to be. By using a weekly enzyme you can prevent not only the staining around the water line but your other chemicals will be more effective and keep your water clearer. The less your chlorine has to fight within the pool the more affective it will be. Make sure you ask an employee about the potential complications organics can have on your pool. By bringing in a water sample to the Swimming Pool Center, and explaining your current pool conditions to our pool care specialist, we can always direct you down the right path to properly maintain your pool.

How to administer Weekly Enzyme:
By adding 1 to 2 OZ per 10,000 gallons, depending on the amount of organic material in the water, you will be able to maintain 0 organics in your pool or hot tub. By doing this we can maintain healthier clearer water and make your summers more enjoyable.