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Therma Swim

What is Therma-swim?
Therma-swim is a Liquid Solar Cover that keeps pool water approx. 6 to 10 degrees warmer. 

What does this mean to me?
Therma-swim is easy to use – just pour into your swimming pool once a month. It has the same results as a solar cover, but you don’t have to take that big bulky cover on and off. A pool loses heat at night or in inclement weather at a quantifiable rate. Swimming Pool heat loss occurs primarily at the surface where the evaporation of water accounts for this loss. By using the Therma-Swim product you will be able to prevent this heat loss and save that 6-10 degrees from escaping the pool at night. By retaining that heat you will see a consistent increase anywhere from 6-15 degrees depending on the amount of sunlight you get during the day. The Therma-Swim system is even better than a normal solar blanket because solar blankets block approximately 90% of the sunlight during the day while the Therma-swim doesn’t block any sunlight.

Directions for use?
Application – (Last approx. one month.) Pour entire content of the bottle into the swimming pool in front of the return. Use one bottle to treat above-ground pools and small in-ground swimming pools (up to 400 Sq. Ft.). Use two bottles to treat larger in-ground swimming pools (over 400 Sq. Ft.).