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Ocean Breeze Salt Cell Cleaner

What is Ocean Breeze Salt Cell Cleaner?
What is Ocean Breeze Salt Cell Cleaner? Ocean Breeze Salt Cell Cleaner is an inhibited acid cleaning system specifically recommended for Salt Cells. (A Powdered Acid Cleaner) 

What does this mean to me?
If you find build up on your cell it’s time to clean it with Ocean Breeze Salt Cell Cleaner. Typically a cell for a salt water system is cleaned on average once or twice a year. If you find yourself doing this more often the chemical balance is to blame. You only want to clean the cell when it is truly necessary, as this process does eat through the coating on your cell blades, and will shorten the life of your cell if done to frequently. Following these guidelines will help you maintain your salt system with little effort and go longer between cell replacements. If you have any questions we recommend checking with our pool specialist at one of our Swimming Pool Center locations.


Add one pound of Salt Cell Cleaner to 3 gallons of fresh water and mix the solution thoroughly in an appropriate size container. Stir until the Salt Cell Cleaner is totally dissolved.
Immerse scaled up Salt Cell in the solution for 15 to 30 minutes. Check the cell periodically by looking down the chamber of the cell. You will see the scaling fall of or dissolve away as the product works. Once you have no white scale built up on the cell you know you are all done.