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Nature II Spa Mineral Stick

Nature II Spa Mineral Stick
$44.99 every 4 months

What is the Nature II Spa Mineral Stick:
The Nature II Spa Mineral Stick is a product that is used within hot tubs or spas in order to reduce the amount of chlorine needed to properly sanitize. The chlorine that you use works to activate the minerals within

How will this help my hot tub? (Sales Pitch)
The nature II spa purifier will reduce chlorine use while maintaining the highest quality sanitation within your spa. Reducing the chlorine used in the spa will increase the comfort level you are looking to achieve. While normal chlorine levels will take up to two hours to kill bacteria, the Nature II and its Silver Nitrate (the active ingredient in the nature 2) kills bacteria within 15 seconds of entering the body of water. With this fact you will see your spa maintains better clarity all the time while the odors, burning, or skin irritation you get with normal chlorine levels will no longer exist. The reduction in chlorine use will also help reduce the cost of maintaining your hot tub which should easily cover the cost of the unit itself.

How do you use the Nature II Spa Mineral Stick?
1.Bring in a water sample to the Swimming Pool Center in order make sure your water chemistry is correct.
2.Install the Nature II into your spa’s filter. (Installation instructions are within the owner’s manual of the product.)

Upon initial set up
1.Upon initial installation you will be adding two chemicals;
a.First start by adding 1.5 tablespoons per 250 gallons of spa water of Sodium Dichlor. (Spa Chlorine)
b.Next you will be adding 1.5 tablespoons per 250 gallons of spa water of an oxidizing potassium based shock.

Daily maintenance
1.Run your hot tub the required hours each day as outlined within your Spa’s owner’s manual.
2.Before each use (Or at least once per week) you should be using a test kit in order to make sure your balancing chemicals are all within range.
3.After each use you will need to add 1.5 tablespoons of the oxidizing shock per 250 gallons of spa water.

Weekly maintenance:
1.Once per week we ask that you add 1.5 tablespoons of spa chlorine (Dichlor) per 500 gallons of spa water.
a.The owners manual only recommends adding chlorine once every 4 months for activation and nothing more. In my time selling this product I find that the Nature II has to be re-activated more frequently than they are saying. If you want I can leave out this last part but I think having the customer apply half the recommended dose on a weekly basis will give the perception of “Low Chlorine” while the customer still uses it at least once a week. The results should be very good going with this process, crystal clear all the time.