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Fiber Clear, Sand Filters best friend!

What is Fiber Clear?
What is Fiber Clear? Fiber Clear is an all natural, biodegradable filtration media that replaces Diatomaceous Earth in a pool and can be used with any filter whether it’s a DE, cartridge, or sand. Regular DE powder is made up of ground diatoms which is microscopic algae that has been fossilized. Fiber clear is made from cellulose, a wood based fiber. Fiber Clear is also non toxic and biodegradable unlike DE powder which is known for containing carcinogens that can be dangerous when inhaled.

What does this mean to me?
Fiber clear allows you to have a very similar filtration to a DE filter without changing your system. Most pool owners know that the best type of filter you can have is a DE filter. Why is this? A DE filter filters particles as small at 2 microns. Where as a Cartridge filter filters as small as 10 microns and a Sand filter down to 20 microns. Fiber clear assures you that just by adding a small amount to your skimmer; you could filter down to 2 microns just as if you had a DE filter.

For the people who already own a DE filter, by using Fiber Clear and not your standard DE powder, you are not only using a product that is much more environmentally safe but you are using less than half the amount of DE powder you would normally use.

How do I add the powder?
Adding Fiber Clear to your Cartridge or Sand filter is very simple. Simply add enough Fiber Clear to your skimmer allowing your PSI to increase by 1-2 on your pressure gage. Allow your pool to circulate for about 3-5 hours to allow a dramatic increase in your water clarity.

For converting your DE filter over to using Fiber Clear, you must first thoroughly clean the filter can and grids ridding the old DE. The back of the bag of Fiber Clear contains a chart about how much you should add vs. the size of your pool. Simply add the recommended amount of Fiber clear to your skimmer. Once your PSI has increased by approximately 10PSI, a backwash is necessary. Once you complete the backwash add the recommended amount of Fiber Clear back into your pools skimmer (see back of bag for dosage recommendations).